Salish Matter

YouTube Star

Birthday November 29, 2009

Birth Sign Sagittarius

Birthplace Nyack, NY

Age 14 years old

#2 Most Popular

Numerology: 6


Became widely recognized as the daughter of photographer and YouTube star Jordan Matter.  She built up a large fan base from appearing in videos alongside her father on Instagram and YouTube. She also has her own Instagram account called saysaymatter, where she has over 2.5 million followers. 

Before Fame

She began to frequently appear on social media in 2020. 


She appeared in a dancing TikTok set to the Ciara song "Get Up" in February 2020. She became a level seven gymnast. She is vegetarian. She's done several collaborations with Nidal Wonder and she referred to him as her bestie. She launched her own YouTube channel in 2023 and it quickly grew to surpass 1 million subscribers from just a few videos some of which were reaction videos.

Family Life

Her older brother Hudson is a photographer and social media star. Her mom Lauren has appeared in several of her videos. She has a dog named Boomer who has often appeared in her social media. 

Associated With

She appeared on her brother's YouTube channel with dancer Rachel Quiner in June 2020.  She's done collaboration videos with many popular YouTube families including The Royalty Family and Matt & Rebecca.


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